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Wireless Internet Access

The library provides the wireless network to expand and enhance our service capabilities to our patrons.  

Using the Wireless Network

The wireless network provides access to the Internet. Patrons can browse the Web, use the library catalog or online research databases, check email and perform other actions that require an Internet connection. The Vernon Area Public Library District does not control the content, quality or validity of information on the Internet. Patrons use the wireless network at their own risk. It is the patrons responsibility to obey the library's Internet Access Policy and all local, state and federal laws when using the wireless network.

How to Connect to the Library's Wireless Network

SSID: Library
Obtain IP Address automatically (DHCP)
Disable all encryption (WEP or WPA)

The patron accepts full responsibility for selecting, installing and configuring the hardware and software necessary for using the wireless network. The library assumes no responsibility for any problems or damage that may be inflicted on any equipment by using or attempting to connect to the wireless network. To connect to the wireless network, patrons need a compatible network card. Patrons should configure their equipment to use the appropriate SSID (service set identifier) and to obtain a TCP/IP address automatically. No encryption is used in the wireless network.

If you are unsure how to use the configuration program that came with your wireless access card, please check with your computer vendor or reseller.

Privacy and Security of the Wireless Network

Communications through the wireless network should not be considered secure. 

Patrons accept the responsibility for any personal information that is sent through the wireless network.


Patrons can print to black and white or color laser printers from our wireless network.  Information about wireless printing is available here.

Technical Assistance

Wireless network users are responsible for knowing how to configure their own equipment. Staff members will attempt to assist patrons with connecting to the wireless network but are unable to assist with computer-related issues outside the scope of basic wireless connectivity.

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